Garages are not only designed to provide a safe haven for vehicles, but they can serve a multitude of purposes: they can become destination points, such as get-togethers. They can also provide much-needed space for musical rehearsals for all sorts of homegrown bands. They can also be a place where things are created as well are repaired and restored.

From the banging of hammers, to the loud, high-pitched whine of an electric drill or an electric guitar, all of these settings have something in common: the noise factor.  Percussive noises such as hammers can be jarring, and high-pitched whiny things can grate on someone’s nerves pretty fast,  Dogs will start howling in protest, and things will get ugly fast.

Unless you live on a farm setting where the cows, horses and chickens don’t care about the sound, chances you’re living in the suburbs where your neighbors have a problem with the noise you’re generating from your garage. They’ll probably hit their limit on a regular basis, and you’ll either receive a knock on the door, dirty looks from across the fence, nasty Dear John letters, or you might receive a visit from local law enforcement who will cite noise ordinances chapter and verse, and after a few warnings, start issuing tickets.

There isn’t a mute button on your power drill or your drum set, so what do you do about keeping the noise down?

It’s time to soundproof your garage, and here’s how you can do it:

  1. Section off a portion of the garage with either a permanent or temporary wall.
  2. Hang things such as thick rugs and soundproofing sheets to deaden the noise
  3. Make sure that you insulate your garage door whenever possible.
  4. Seal any gaps or openings that may allow the sound to leak out
  5. If circumstances allow, use sound absorbent flooring as hard surfaces like concrete amplify it.
  6. Install walls made of sound absorbent materials such as drywall and wood.

To avoid any unpleasantness, take the initiative to be a good neighbor and provide a buffer for the sound originating from your garage.